Introduction of the STEMA Trailer Manufacturer Ltd


In April 2001 the German company STEMA Metalleichtbau GmbH ( who is a market leader in the Germany in this industry since 1997 and his products are sailed throughout the Europe has established his Hungarian subsidiary company with name STEMA Trailer Manufacturer Ltd in Kecskemét. His goal is the expansion of the European sales plans.
The Stema is a logistic centre with work to organize the deliveries to east, middle and south-Europe.
Our products are the trailers and their accessories developed in our mother company and they are made according to the German instructions and know-how. We supply with our products the markets of Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and Slovakia. Our company has the certification of ISO 9001 since 2001.

Magyar Német Angol
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+36 20 317 95 45